Custom Bunk Beds with Built-in Drawers and Tables

The girls now have a super cute, custom bunk bed all their own!WP_20170722_14_18_37_Pro[1]

We wanted to utilize the area under the slanted ceiling for sleeping space once again, just like in the boys’ bunkroom. Store-bought bunks would not fit in this space, and I try to avoid wasted square footage in the bedrooms as well as clunky furniture taking up too much floor.

So, I designed this bunk bed for the girls to save lots of space in their shared bedroom. I wanted each bed to have a built-in table at the head of the bed where the girls can put a book, a reading lamp, and a special toy or picture frame. I also wanted the beds raised off the floor enough to put in 4 handy drawers for them to organize clothing items, eliminating the need for a separate dresser in their bedroom. I drew up my idea on paper and handed the design to Ryan to see what he thought.

He got to work on the beds and has amazed me once again with making these dream-beds a reality.WP_20170702_16_05_12_Pro[1]  Other than the table and the drawers, these beds were constructed similarly to the boys’ quad bunks, and the project came together quite quickly.WP_20170702_19_16_49_Pro[1]

WP_20170702_20_39_46_Pro[1]The drawers were a challenge as Ryan has not constructed any before, so he took his time on those. WP_20170709_16_02_35_Pro[1]

WP_20170709_20_19_28_Pro[1]The drawers work perfectly!  WP_20170722_14_21_55_Pro[1]I took charge of the finishing work, and we decided to use the Special Walnut stain from Minwax just like the boys’ beds. Once we finish all the trim, doors and window treatments in all the bedrooms, there will be a lot of bright, clean, sparkly white, so I wanted to go with stained wood for the kids’ beds. I love a touch of real wood in each room as it contributes warmth in the midst of a lot of white.  WP_20170722_14_21_18_Pro[1]

WP_20170722_14_18_51_Pro[1]These beds will be getting all new bedding to match the colors the girls have chosen for their new bedroom, including new quilts that I plan to sew with the girls as soon as I finish the four boys’ quilts.  My goal is to get all six quilts sewn before the weather turns chilly enough to need them!

The kids’ bedrooms are really coming together now!  We still need to install new carpeting, trim, doors and window treatments, as well as a few more decorative touches and organization solutions.  However, getting these bed projects knocked off our list brings such a great feeling of satisfaction and relief.



A Change of Heart

We hit the ground running upon arrival on our farm a little over a year ago.  We had sheep delivered right away, bought a cow a few weeks later, ordered chickens, turkeys and ducks, planned a massive garden, and began renovating the house and barn to suit our needs.

That’s a lot of work, stress, and countless new things to learn.  We are still in that process of learning and shaping our farm into what works best for us, and will be for the foreseeable future.

However, looking back over the past year, we realized the cost of focusing so intensely on the work that needed to be done.  It’s almost like we wanted to make up for lost time since it has taken us years to finally get the farm of our dreams.  So instead of taking up a sensible jogging pace, we sprinted towards our finish line of having a fully functioning, diverse and multi-tiered farm, while raising six kids and Ryan working full time at a city job with a long commute.  This left very little time for family fun or volunteering in ministries we value.

That is changing.  This summer will not be spent sprinting.  We are scaling back our farm and, in fact, it has already begun.

We sold about half of our bird flock already, including all of our ducks.  WP_20170331_10_08_21_Pro[1]We still have lots of different, beautiful birds that we thoroughly enjoy and collect a delightful basket of multi-colored eggs each day from our coop.  But instead of 3 dozen eggs each day, I’m collecting 15 eggs. WP_20170402_15_07_14_Pro[1] We scaled our 43 hens back to 25.  Much more manageable.  We will still be raising a freezer full of broiler chickens and a handful of meat ducks each summer, but we decided to not overwinter ducks for eggs any longer.  We didn’t get any duck eggs over the winter, so they were another thing to feed and they dirty the water that our other birds rely on for drinking.  Eliminating the ducks simplifies our poultry flock.

Simple is good.

We have marked a handful of our sheep to cull.  One did not produce twins when she should have and also looks a bit thin, one did not have a sufficient milk supply and her lamb died, another is super flighty and nervous and we do not enjoy her in our flock.  So these ewes will be joining the lambs in the freezer this year and thereby reducing the size of our flock and our winter hay bill, while increasing the overall health and vitality of our flock.WP_20170331_10_13_47_Pro[1]

We are postponing honey bees.  I was really excited about adding bees to our farm this year.  However, this would have been yet another new thing to learn and get the hang of.  Already I was feeling the stress and tension.  Instead of adding something completely new, we’ll chew on the operations we already have for a while, and polish up our methods and management.  Honey bees are something we’d still like to try, but we’ll wait until we don’t have quite so much going on.

So what are we going to do this summer?

Ryan and the older kids, especially Elijah (11), are going to be designing and building a tree house in our yard.  It is something Elijah had asked for all summer last year, and our answer was “We don’t have time for that.”  How terrible!  We don’t want another summer to go by brushing off amazing moments and memories spent with our kids.  Of course we made great memories farming together last year, and we still will this year, but we want to do something just for the kids instead of for the chickens, for the sheep, for the house or for the garden. This tree house is going to be so fun, and it gives Elijah the chance to sharpen and hone his building and woodworking skills.  The kids want a zip line, bunks that fold down for sleeping, a slide, swings, and a rope ladder.  Ryan had to buy a book all about building a tree house with all the goodies you can add to make them top-notch.WP_20170402_18_13_39_Pro[1] And even if they get halfway into it and decide to just keep it simple, it will still be an amazing project and bonding time, memories that will last forever and a complete “win” for the whole family.  This tree house has become our top project this summer.

Also, some time for camping and fishing with the kids. This is another priority this summer.

Finally, time for others in need.  We feel we are here to bless and help others, and yet we spent a full year thinking of only our farm and house projects.  God gently revealed to our hearts this winter how much we’ve been focusing on things that are not eternal.  It was a healthy lesson for us to learn, and has reshaped our goals and priorities.

This is going to be a great summer!  Join us as we share the fun!



Hello and welcome to Little Arrows Farm!  I’m happy you’ve stopped by.  We decided to start this little blog to share what’s new on the homestead, what we’re learning, our livestock, food we are growing and producing, plans and progress on the old farmhouse remodel, raising our six kids on the farm and to simply document for ourselves this little dream that has finally come true!

We’d love for you to join us!

Why “Little Arrows?”

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”  Psalm 127: 4-5

Our children are one of the main reasons we wanted to farm!  To get them into nature, learn new life skills together (many of these skills are no longer passed down from generation to generation!  We have to learn them together!), and of course be able to provide wholesome, healthy and real food for our whole family.

Several weeks ago we moved to a 10 acre hobby farm.  It needs work, but we are willing and excited to recreate it.  We have about 4 acres of woods, 5 acres of pasture, and plenty of space for gardens, chickens, honeybees and fruit trees.  We love the diversity of woods and pasture and think it’s just enough to get us started.

The transition from our cramped housing development to this 10 acre piece of country has been refreshing!  The views, the sky, the space to stretch out a little…the freedom!  It’s all still so new to us and there will be much more to explore when the spring arrives.

We have really hit the ground running!  Less than a week after moving we purchased a mini flock of sheep.  Now we are busy planning a new farmhouse kitchen and Ryan has some interior projects on his agenda like jacking up and leveling the kitchen floor, as well as a never-ending list for the barn, pastures and animals.  We are also about to add a heifer to our farm, making our flock a “flerd!”  Should be fun. 😉  But for now it’s time to get back to work. 🙂