Our journey began several years ago.  We had been learning how conventional food is being produced, how animals are being raised, how poisons are being sprayed on our food and seeds are being genetically modified. We were appalled and couldn’t stand the thought of consuming and supporting conventional methods of food production any longer.  Where’s the wisdom?  Age-old tradition?  Where’s the respect for creation?  We decided we could no longer place control of our food in others’ hands.  Food is far too important to entrust to those who neither share our concerns nor have our best interests at heart.  Not only that, but we decided we wanted more space.  Woods for the kids to play in or for Ryan to hunt in, live a bit closer to nature, get dirty, experience animal husbandry and live the farm lifestyle.

We began collecting books and researching as much as possible.  All the while, waiting and praying for the right property to become available at the right time.  Sometimes we felt our dream would never come to fruition!  We moved once.  We moved again.  Still no farm.  Finally, our prayers were answered.  In January 2016, we sold our 90’s 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2300 square foot home on 1/3 of an acre, packed up the kids and all our belongings and bought a modest 4 bedroom, 1 bath, 1900’s farmhouse on 10 beautiful acres.  We’re jumping in!  Enough with the book learning!  Time to get our hands dirty and discover if we’ll sink or swim on the farm!

Our goals are to begin producing healthy, natural food for our family and make our quirky, screaming-for-a-makeover farmhouse into a warm, stylish and welcoming place to call home.  It’s going to take time.  This is a journey.  Of course we hope to have lots of fun, grow closer as a family as we weather the inevitable ups and downs, and make new friends and connections as this whole new world is just beginning to open up for us.  This blog is to document our progress and share what we’re learning with others!

Thanks for visiting!

Ryan and Becca



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