Kitchen Progress: Patio Door

We began our kitchen remodel shortly after we moved into our fixer-upper, which was over 1.5 years ago. We finished most of it at that time, but we waited to put in the patio door, simply because other projects were calling our name. I waited patiently and excitedly for the day to arrive when I’d finally have a sliding door in my kitchen.

Before: Old window and a patchy paint job

I didn’t want to go through another winter with the old, semi-functional window, which was actually just sheets of plexi-glass loosely set in a window frame, with an inch of dead bugs lying in the space between the panes. On winter nights you could hear the window rattling and feel the wind blowing through it. Did it even open? Who knows! I avoided touching it as it was filthy. You could barely see through it. The only time I actually did make contact with that window was when Ryan needed my help taking it out, and I was willing to do anything to see that thing finally removed from my kitchen and my life.

We carved out time several weekends ago to put in the patio door. I have been loving it ever since. WP_20170824_15_31_54_ProThe light and breeze that comes in is wonderful and somehow expands the whole kitchen. I can easily watch the kids playing outside in the backyard, and I thoroughly enjoy the view of our farm while standing in the kitchen.

After we removed the old window, Ryan had to remove the siding from the outside and cut out the sheet rock.

Goodbye, Window

Then he cut the studs that were in the way of the patio door. The wall isn’t load bearing, but we put in a header, just to be on the safe side.

Afterwards, Ryan cut a hole in the wall, and installed the door.  WP_20170823_19_05_30_ProIt sounds like we knocked this project out in an afternoon.   You can be sure there were bumps in the road, frustrations, and tool issues, as usual. It actually took several days from start to finish. Ryan tacked up an old shower curtain to cover the old window hole for several nights. It kept out the bugs, but I knew it wasn’t going to keep out much else.  Thankfully, we live in a very safe neighborhood, but it was a relief, nonetheless, when the door was in and we finally had something a bit more solid between us and the outside world.

Ryan still needs to button up the siding on the back of the house, as well as tape, mud and sand the new pieces of sheetrock he installed on the interior. Soon the kitchen will look as if that patio door had always been there, and we’ll be one step closer to a completed kitchen.WP_20170824_15_32_37_Pro



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