Custom Quad Built-In Bunk Beds

Ryan has done it again.  He built beautiful quad bunks for our four boys.  This time, however, he didn’t have any help coming up with the construction plans.  He built these from scratch based on my idea to have two rows of “L” shaped bunks actually built in and secured to the wall studs.  He’s becoming quite the craftsman!  I’m so proud of his accomplishment and I’m crazy about how these quad bunks turned out.WP_20170701_18_14_12_Pro[3]

Having the bunks actually secured to the wall meant we could fit these beds into a space that wouldn’t have been possible with stand-alone bunks.  Not only would they not fit in width and length, but they also would not fit in height.

The “before” picture.  This was the girls’ room.  Note the slanted ceiling. 
Our farmhouse has the slanted ceilings on the upper level, which makes using the space on those sides of the rooms tricky.  This custom bunk allowed us to make use of this space efficiently by turning this bedroom into the boys’ new bunkroom.


It was fun watching these bunks take form…

The basic design
Adding the top row

We made headboards since this side wasn’t against a wall
Adding the ladder
Testing the ladder
Once construction was finished, I sanded, conditioned, stained, and clear-coated the bunks.  I’m enjoying having the chance to learn new skills, too!  I chose the Special Walnut stain from Minwax and gave the bunks 2 coats of gloss polyurethane.  I couldn’t be happier with how the finish turned out.



Not only do we have a one-of-a-kind quad bunk in our home, but this thing is SOLID.  The bunks we have purchased from the store and used for years are so wobbly compared to this thing.  These beds do not move an inch while the kids are entering, exiting, or while I climb on top to make the beds.

The boys will be getting new bedding, including new coordinating quilts that I will sew for each of them.

We are all so happy with the new beds, we decided the boys’ room shouldn’t be the only room to feature custom, hand-built beds!

I can’t wait to show what we have cooked up for the girls’ room! 😉


7 thoughts on “Custom Quad Built-In Bunk Beds

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I just walk into the room to stare at the bunks. It’s so fun to witness an idea become reality!


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