My Basket Runneth Over

When winter began, our egg production dropped so very low.  We were getting maybe 2 eggs a day, despite feeding 40+ hens, not to mention ducks, guineas, and really big turkeys.  That’s a lot of expensive chicken feed!

Chickens are very sensitive to sunlight.  The hours of daylight (or lack thereof) affects their egg production.  Because Minnesota becomes very dark in winter, with the average hours of daylight below 9 in December, our chickens simply weren’t getting enough light to trigger egg production.  We decided it was time to install a light in our chicken coop.  Ryan installed a standard light bulb with a light sensor, so it kicks on everyday when the sun begins to set, and turns off automatically after 4 hours.

The light bulb did the trick!  Our hens are ramping up production.  Every morning the kids bring in a handful of eggs when they go out to do morning chores.  I go out midday and my jacket pockets are stuffed with eggs by the time I’m making my way back to the house.  Ryan goes out in the evening and returns with his pockets full of eggs, too.  We are getting almost 2 dozen eggs a day!  wp_20170203_15_41_25_pro1

Even our Bourbon Red turkeys have begun laying eggs!wp_20170203_18_26_22_pro1  So today, as I’m walking back to the house with my pockets packed with farm-fresh brown eggs, I decide it’s time to begin selling our extra eggs.  My egg basket simply cannot hold anymore eggs and we’re eating all we can!

All ready for market!

It sure would help offset the chicken feed bill!