Kitchen Backsplash

Now that winter has arrived, our focus on the farm has shifted back to indoor projects.wp_20161119_12_20_11_pro I’ve been waiting for this change so we could continue our progress on the kitchen remodel. We’ve had our white, marble-looking backsplash tile sitting in a box by our stairs for months and I was more than ready to cross this project off our lengthy to-do list. I chose a white subway tile with some gray running through it.wp_20161203_10_09_00_pro I knew I wanted the backsplash mostly white, but I didn’t want plain white tile with white grout sandwiched between white cabinets. To complement the tile, I chose a light gray grout with the hopes it would help break up the white while functioning to avoid future dirty/stained grout lines that can happen with white grout and the very hard water we have at our farmhouse.

The installation of the backsplash went smoothly. It took us a weekend to get the tile installed. I grouted the stove wall while Ryan began installing the new trim around the kitchen window.

Stove wall before tiling
Stove wall “after”

wp_20161212_10_11_29_proWe ended up being a few inches short on the kitchen window trim, which unfortunately pushed the completion of the backsplash back a whole weekend, as we didn’t want to tile around the window until the trim was neatly in place. So last Saturday, Ryan was able to finish the trim, put up the last few tiles, and I finished the grouting. The trim will need to be filled and painted, but for now, I’m enjoying the view of new trim around the kitchen window.  If you look closely at the left of the window in the “before” picture, you can see where the trim had actually been cut out to fit the old upper cabinet next to it.

Sink wall before tiling


Sink wall after tiling

wp_20161212_09_38_51_pro  wp_20161212_10_12_24_prowp_20161212_09_52_10_pro



Tiling is a messy, tiring job. We were happy to be able to clean up the equipment and last few plops of grout, step back, and take in the improvement. The new backsplash really pulls the kitchen together. It also covered over the remaining evidence of the old countertop we pulled out. Already I’m having a hard time remembering how this kitchen looked when we first moved in! I remember the way it made me feel, however! 🙂  I wasn’t sure how I would ever function in that old, dirty, pieced-together kitchen. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying if the kitchen was pretty and functional upon moving in. Everyone loves a good transformation. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Kitchen Backsplash

  1. Wonderful! That looks really nice and finishes off the project so well. The gray marble in the tile and grout are perfect with the white cabinets. The overall effect is clean and classy, Good job, you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My goal was to definitely make the kitchen more warm, inviting and functional. As moms, we live our lives in this room, right!?


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