Winter Fence Part 2

We finally had time to make a dent in the winter fence this weekend. We bundled up and worked the whole day on Saturday, plus a Sunday afternoon in the cold, fall air. Working outside would have been rather enjoyable, with the leaves of various trees and bushes exhibiting their colorful display, had it not been for the numb sensation in our fingertips and toes and the sleet falling down around us Saturday morning. Nevertheless, we got two gates installed, one on the east side of the fence, facing the house, wp_20161009_15_17_42_proand the other behind the barn on the north side.wp_20161009_16_57_01_pro Of course whenever we do any projects around the barnyard, we get a few helpers.

A curious Speckled Sussex hen comes to investigate Ryan’s work.


Hmm, maybe it will make better sense from this angle?
As soon as we removed the gate from its previous position, Lucky, our Bourbon Red turkey, felt a sudden desire to perch on it.

If you haven’t lived with chickens (or turkeys) before, you may not realize how curious they really are.  Wherever we move around the homestead, the chickens tend to gravitate, making soft clucks and eyeing us inquisitively.


We also got the two longest sides of the fence complete.wp_20161009_15_18_23_pro

wp_20161009_15_20_52_proLookin’ good, right?

The woven wire fencing went up pretty easily, with two of us working together. Ryan would attach four metal clips on each T-post and wrap each clip around the woven wire, while I pulled the fence as tightly as I could. Like most things, once we got the hang of it, our progress quickened.  The corners of the fence are wood posts and Ryan pounded large metal staples in to secure the fencing on those posts.

We need one more weekend to finish up the winter fence.  We’re really happy with how it’s coming together.  It will be a relief to have it completed and ready to house our sheep and cow for the ever-nearing winter.



4 thoughts on “Winter Fence Part 2

    1. Thanks! We enjoy our “helpers” and their antics endear them to us all the more. I think our energy comes from a mixture of stress, determination, and big dreams.

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