Kitchen Remodel: Chimney Wall

A few weeks ago we completed the chimney wall in our kitchen.  With the start of our homeschool year rapidly approaching, we carved out some time over a weekend to make and install farmhouse-style open shelving for the wall above the cabinets and countertop to house all my school books and some materials.wp_20160912_08_13_04_pro  These shelves are identical to the shelves we installed in our book nook, however I did not add the “book ends” on the sides since these shelves are mostly going to be used by me, so I do not need to worry about kids knocking things to the floor.

wp_20160912_08_13_39_proJust before our first day back in school, Ryan got the computers set up on the desk area that we made out of wall cabinets.  The wall cabinets are not as deep as base cabinets, but they still hold plenty of supplies like paint, paper and notebooks that I do not want displayed on the shelves.  We currently have two computers set up, but we will be adding a third computer on the other side of the chimney, so we can have three kids working on computers simultaneously, while the others are working at the island or dining room table.wp_20160912_08_27_44_pro

My idea of simply moving the island stools over to the desk area for computer time works really well, and there is still plenty of space for people to walk even while the computers are in use.  wp_20160912_08_19_12_pro  I am enjoying the extra storage these shelves, as well as the cabinets, are providing for our homeschool.  This wall was completely underutilized when we first moved in.  It had no purpose except to hide the furnace room.


My goal with this house is to find a use for every space.  No dead space will be allowed in my farmhouse.  We assume we need so much more house, closets and square footage than we really do.

chimney wall layout
The plan

With organization and creativity, along with storing unneeded curriculum in the garage, this homeschool area is a very efficient set-up.


What a difference this is compared to how we finished our school year last spring when we first moved in!  We were using plastic, three-drawer carts shoved into a corner which were hard for the kids to dig into and find their books.  Many times books would be thrown into a pile on the ground.  I’m not sure about you, but when I have things organized and in their place, everything just seems to run smoother and my mood is brighter.


We are three weeks into our school year, enjoying a bit more routine and structure, and I think it’s going to be a great year.



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