Farmhouse Kitchen – 75% Complete

I am bursting with excitement to show how much our kitchen has changed since I last updated! Getting this kitchen feeling clean, new and functional has been a long road, and one I knew was pivotal in how comfortable this home feels for our family.  When I last posted about the kitchen around Easter time, it was about the creepy hole o’ doom we discovered under the kitchen sink.WP_20160326_20_21_58_Pro

I’m happy to announce that, thanks to my awesome plumber father-in-law, the leaky pipe is no more. And thanks to my amazing, handy husband, the rotten wood has been replaced with new wood, the sheetrock has been repaired and there is no more hole in my kitchen wall!  Yay! WP_20160623_22_21_22_Pro

The next step in this remodel was getting the remainder of our cabinets installed. This took a long time as the kitchen remodel is not our top priority at the moment and most of our weekend time is spent keeping up with farm and garden.  In a previous post, I talked about how we may cut our extra pantry down in depth to fit in beside the washer and dryer.  In the end, we wisely returned it to the store and purchased 3 wall cabinets which are already the appropriate depth for this space and installed them to give the look of a pantry, while providing much needed bathroom storage.

The bathroom door is just to the left of this cabinet, making this a perfect place to sneak in some bathroom storage.

Because they are wall cabinets and did not come with feet to attach the toe kick like our base cabinets, we purchased furniture feet and will be installing them underneath this cabinet as well as the wall cabinets we used for the computer desk area.WP_20160623_22_04_44_Pro


We finally got all the cabinets installed and just yesterday, after long weeks of patiently waiting, the countertops arrived. WP_20160623_13_44_36_Pro



I love these countertops!


We decided to stick with laminate to go easier on our budget and I’m glad we did.  This is not a fancy farmhouse, it’s a humble farmhouse.  Simple pleasures, country style, functional and clean.  These are my goals for this renovation.  The countertop we chose perfectly marries the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances with the warm tones of the wood floor.  There are even some subtle hints of teal in these countertops which coordinates with the color I’ve chosen for the walls. WP_20160623_13_40_32_Pro

One of my favorite features of this kitchen is the island.WP_20160623_13_47_21_Pro

It’s a nice, big gathering space and pulls triple duty for meal prep, casual dining for the kids and a homeschool work area.

I found these stools online and had to order them.WP_20160623_13_36_40_Pro  The price was nice, the size was perfect and I love the walnut wood finish.  I wanted to add walnut accents in the kitchen to warm up the white and stainless steel.  I think the stools coordinate well with the wood grain in the flooring as well.

Finally, my farmhouse kitchen sink and faucet were installed last night by my father-in-law.WP_20160623_16_40_23_Pro Ah, this big, beautiful farmhouse sink.  Not only was the stainless steel easier on the budget, but I like how it matches the appliances while contrasting against the white cabinets.  I like the country-meets-modern feel of this combo. WP_20160623_13_38_29_Pro

The cabinets I chose didn’t offer a farmhouse sink base cabinet, and I wanted my sink base to match the rest of my cabinets, so we made this one work rather than ordering a base designed specifically for a farmhouse sink from a different company.  Once Ryan knew what to do, it wasn’t hard to modify the sink base to support the sink.  We will use the false front that came with our sink base to fill in the gaps on the sides to give a polished look to our cabinet.  WP_20160623_13_38_57_Pro

So what’s next for this kitchen? Even after all this work and time (going on 7 months!) this kitchen is still not done.  The biggest project left is to remove this old, drafty, beyond-hope-so-why-bother-cleaning-it window from the back wall, fill in a little sheetrock so we can install the fridge topper (it’s currently just sitting atop the fridge), and install the patio door.

This wall is where the sliding patio door will be installed.

This door is going to change this kitchen with light and air.  I cannot wait to see it, and better yet, for the day I get to step outside on the new deck and sip my morning coffee.  (I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can dream, right?)


Besides the door, we need to select and install backsplash tile in the kitchen, get these patchy walls freshly painted, install the toe kick under our cabinets, put open shelving on the walls above the “desk” area, install the furniture feet we purchased to go under the desk and bathroom linen cabinets, update the lighting and replace all the trim in the kitchen. Not too bad, right? 🙂

Anybody care to flashback to what we started with when we bought this house?

Before : (


After! 🙂


Before : (
After! 🙂

What do you think?  Improvement?



9 thoughts on “Farmhouse Kitchen – 75% Complete

  1. Wow! What a difference. So much work, but it is really coming together. You will end up with a wonderful, family-friendly kitchen when you are done. Quite an accomplishment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I sure hope so! It’s been lots of work, but fun and rewarding to begin with a plan on paper and slowly see that plan come alive.


  2. What a transformation. Love how your plans have evolved and it has all come together. Very cozy and charming. Also love how crisp & clean everything looks

    Liked by 1 person

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