Chicken Coop Remodel

We’ve been busy working on a number of projects around our farm. Well, scrambling is more like it.  One of the projects that needed attention was the chicken coop.  It had no roosts and we wanted to make it bigger to accommodate our large, multi-species flock.  The first thing we did was remove a plywood wall dividing the front coop area from the middle room we had used previously as our brooder.

Chicken coop before the dividing wall was removed.



Removing the wall
Almost done!

This now makes our coop about 260 square feet. There is one more small room on the other side of the chicken coop, which will function as our new brooder whenever we order baby chicks and, during the breeding season, will allow us to separate roosters with certain hens.


Once the wall was taken down, the next project that needed to be completed was adding roosts. Rather than going to the store and purchasing materials, Ryan took the boys and a saw into our woods to hunt for 2-inch saplings to make the roosts with.  He used some 2x4s he found when he took down the dividing wall as support for the roosts.  He cut the saplings to fit in between the supports and screwed everything in place.  We allowed for about 10 inches of roost space per bird.


So nice to complete a project and not have to spend a penny!


We still need to make nesting boxes for our coop, so we aren’t able to cross the chicken coop project off our list completely yet. There were some nesting boxes in the barn when we moved in, however they seem rather small.  Ryan would like to build some bigger boxes with access doors from the outside of the coop for easy egg gathering.  The ducks will also need some large nesting boxes at ground level.  We don’t expect any birds to be laying eggs for another couple months, so we have some time until those projects will need to be completed.

Much more needs to be accomplished around the farm this summer.  On to the next thing!



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