An Addition to the Flock

To increase our flock of sheep, we purchased three ewe (female) lambs from the same farm from which our small flock originated. These new lambs are also 50% St. Croix, 25% Katahdin and 25% Dorper, a good hybrid of prolific, hardy, parasite-resistant hair sheep breeds.

Meet Clover, Buttercup and Apple Bloom


Aren’t they adorable? They are also a tad skittish.  We enjoy interacting calmly with our animals so we hope once these little ewes adapt to their new life on our farm, they’ll settle in nicely and warm up to us.

The flock meets the new lambs for the first time


They are slowly transitioning into the flock. Some animals are very motherly toward youngsters and will readily adopt and nurse babies not biologically belonging to them.  Sheep are not one of these animals.  Although the resident lambs are curious and somewhat accepting, our new arrivals are getting no maternal place holder from among our ewes.  Everyone needs to learn the hierarchy of the flock and the adult ewes have no reservation making sure the youngsters know their place…which is usually a good space away from a ewe.  Wander into her personal bubble and her head will drive that point home.

We’re confident they’ll integrate seamlessly into the flock over time.WP_20160504_14_48_53_Pro For now, the three newbies can usually be found together or with the ram, who is happy with the addition of new ewes.  By this time next year, all our ewes will be busy raising new lambs and the flock dynamic will change once again.

Occasionally all the lambs will graze together. WP_20160504_14_10_32_Pro

But normally you can find each of our original lambs grazing or napping alongside mama.

Fluffy with his mama, Olive


Poppy chews her cud while Ivy naps

Sometimes a person has to take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of life to stop and drink in the serenity of pastured sheep quietly grazing on a sunny, spring afternoon.WP_20160504_14_05_41_Pro



WP_20160504_14_10_59_ProCall it preventive medicine.








2 thoughts on “An Addition to the Flock

    1. Yes. It’s charming, isn’t it? Sometimes I look around and just can’t believe these are OUR animals on OUR farm. Feels like a dream. I feel beyond blessed.


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