Duck’s First Bath

We finally had a warm, sunny afternoon. The weather beckoned us all outside and once the animal chores were done, the kids began wondering what else they could do in the sunshine.  So how do kids on a farm spend a pleasant spring afternoon?  By opening up a duck spa, of course. WP_20160413_14_45_21_Pro

They filled up a low spot in the driveway with water from the hose to make a large puddle. Elijah and Hannah took turns getting ducklings from the brooder and placing them in the water.  Some customers were not very cooperative and had to be escorted back to their brooder.  However, Elijah did find this little Blue Swedish that proved to be a rather willing participant.WP_20160413_14_45_17_Pro

The little duckling sat still and quiet while they took turns sprinkling water over its back.WP_20160413_14_46_07_Pro

Once the duckling was deemed thoroughly washed, the kids found some makeshift grooming tools courtesy of the neighboring pine tree.WP_20160413_14_49_37_Pro

WP_20160413_14_50_14_ProThe Blue Swedish is now ready for its close-up.WP_20160413_14_50_50_Pro

The kids loved being able to play with this little duckling. The more they are able to interact with a certain species, the more they enjoy and appreciate owning and caring for them on our farm.  I hope with more one-on-one handling, the ducks begin to grow accustomed to people and able to socialize more with the kids.




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