Recipe for Cuteness

So this just happened.WP_20160330_09_15_46_Pro.jpg

Yep, the cute-o-meter has exploded.WP_20160330_09_25_39_Pro.jpg

Want my recipe for cuteness so you can create this delicious dish at home?

Here it is and you only need 2 ingredients!

Gather the following:

A garden variety of baby chicks and ducklings.

A group of curious and excited kids.

  1. Place your mix of ducklings and chicks near the floor where they are accessible for small people.WP_20160330_07_51_09_Pro.jpg

WP_20160330_08_05_38_Pro.jpg2. Sprinkle in the kids. I happened to have the pajama’d, bed-headed variety on hand.  Gently incorporate this mixture.WP_20160330_08_23_32_Pro.jpg

WP_20160330_09_18_55_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_13_19_Pro.jpg3.  Plate your cuteness and serve immediately.  Enjoy!WP_20160330_08_30_16_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_15_40_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_41_13_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_11_24_26_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_24_54_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_14_49_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_09_15_09_Pro.jpgWP_20160330_08_21_14_ProWP_20160330_08_22_34_ProWP_20160330_08_30_02_Pro.jpg




7 thoughts on “Recipe for Cuteness

    1. Thanks! The kids are having so much fun! They even said, “I don’t want to play my tablet, I want to play with the chicks.” WHAT??? That’s epic.


    1. Yes, they do that, don’t they! The chicks pretty much never stop cheeping. Interesting though…the ducks and turkeys are so quiet!


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