A Little Progress and a BIG Problem

The progress: I have a kitchen island!WP_20160325_09_57_44_Pro.jpg

It’s not secured to the floor yet, so we can still adjust the final location if needed.  And what do you think of the countertop I selected?  Y’all know we love us some rugged, farmhouse style, so we thought, “What’s more rustic than a DIY plywood countertop?” WP_20160325_09_58_20_Pro.jpg

🙂 🙂 🙂

OK, the plywood is just a temporary solution while we remove the last remnant of old countertop. After a few glory weeks in the kitchen, it will live out the rest of its days as our third rabbit hutch in the barn, where it belongs.

The island has made it possible to remove my remaining kitchenware from the old, peeling cabinets and throw those nasty boxes out the door. Good riddance!

My original island plan has changed somewhat.  center island layout.jpgI was going to have an “L” shaped seating area around the island, as shown above.  We decided to turn the island 90 degrees to the left and run a countertop overhang along the two long sides of the island, opposite each other.  updated island.jpgThis way I can easily seat 6 at the island and no cabinet doors will be opening underneath the overhang.  WP_20160325_09_57_00_Pro.jpgThis seating arrangement may be unconventional for an island, but it takes advantage of the length of the kitchen rather than having stools congesting the area around the pantry.  We also shifted the whole island a few inches towards the chimney wall to ensure there will be enough space between the cabinets along the back wall and the stools on that side.  I hope this arrangement works well but I think we’ll have a better idea once we get the cabinets installed on the back wall.  We’ll make a final decision regarding seating and placement of the island at that time.

The problem: When we removed our old sink base cabinet, we discovered it was functioning as a Band-Aid over a festering wound. We knew before we bought an old house that we were going to find some surprises along the way.   As we began working in the kitchen we anticipated some sort of water issue by the sink as evidenced by our noses, plus visible water spots at the back of the cabinet.  What we weren’t expecting to find, however, was a pretty active, quick-dripping pipe inside the wall.  WP_20160326_20_21_58_Pro Ryan grabbed a plastic container to catch the water and assessed the damage.  The subfloor is rotten and the wall studs look waterlogged.  That water is dripping rapidly enough that by the time we woke up this morning, that large container was filled to the top and threatening to overflow.  I would like to know for how long this has been going on.  Months?  Years?  What a mess!

Our project is pretty much on hold until we can fix the pipe and repair any compromised structural components.  It’s disappointing to come up against a major issue like this.  We need to think about the best way to approach this problem and fix it correctly so no other related problems result.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend filled with friends, family and the peace and presence of our Lord Jesus. No matter what circumstances we are facing in our lives, we can know an everlasting joy and peace given through Him.

He is risen!



2 thoughts on “A Little Progress and a BIG Problem

    1. Thanks and yes, water problems are the worst!! I can’t wait to correct this issue so we can move on with making this kitchen look pretty. Such a bummer!


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