Kitchen Progress – Oven Wall Done!

When I say “done,” I mean done for now.  🙂  In the last post, my oven wall in the kitchen looked like this.WP_20160318_08_57_22_Pro

We worked all evening Friday and most of the day on Saturday and now it looks like this.WP_20160319_16_29_35_Pro.jpg


Pretty close to my original mock-up, right?oven wall layoutBefore we installed the pantry I was concerned it might appear to block off the stove area, but when I saw it put together I thought it really completed the wall.  It’s so handy to have my pantry close to the stove.  Ryan was able to relocate the light switch that was previously on the wall to the side of the pantry.  WP_20160319_16_33_41_Pro.jpgI am so happy with how this remodel is turning out.  We still need counters, backsplash, paint and the toe kick, which we will do once the rest of the cabinets are in place.  I’ve had some time to think about the paint color and I am sure I’ll be sticking with the Frosted Jade paint color from Behr.  I love how it seems to set off the cabinets and hardware.  It gives this old kitchen a fresh and clean feel.        frosted

We removed the base cabinets from the back wall and will continue with the flooring all the way to the sink wall. WP_20160321_10_33_20_Pro[1].jpg Then we can begin installing the rest of our cabinets.  We need to remove the old window on the back wall and install the sliding patio door soon, since I have a base and wall cabinet that will be installed partially over that old window area.  Here is a refresher of the plan for this wall.   West (back) wall I can’t wait to see the rest of this kitchen transformed!

The whole family broke in the new oven wall together by helping me bake a birthday cake for Levi and Micah’s birthday party. WP_20160319_18_57_33_Pro.jpg I can already see the fun, happy, family memories we will make together in this new kitchen!

Have a great week,



4 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress – Oven Wall Done!

  1. Yay for progress, it’s really coming along and so nice! That copper sink is drool worthy! I have that standard stainless double sink so I dream of better sinks but like you don’t want to spend a fortune. Maybe someday when we replace the counter tops.

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  2. Thank you, Stacey! I agree you should swap out the sink when you do the countertops. I figured my time for a new sink was now or never. 🙂


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