Kitchen Progress – Part 1

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m especially chipper this morning because of all the progress we’ve been making in our kitchen!  The kids came down for breakfast this morning and Elijah said, “It’s actually looking like a real kitchen!”  My thoughts exactly.

Ever since we sold our relatively new, relatively roomy house and moved to our farmhouse, I’ve had my share of emotional ups and downs. Sometimes I think, “What in the world did we just do?”  Ryan can sense these moments and will quickly reassure me we will make this into a functional and comfortable home.  I believe him.  I know we will.  The hard part is getting there.  It’s dealing with the dysfunction in the meantime.  The mess, the disorganization, the lack of pretty.  Eventually this home will look put together.  Until then, I have my blinders on in order to keep calm.  If you come visit the farm, put on your blinders, too.  We provide them at the door.

However, days like today I think “I’m so glad we did this!” It’s work. So much work.  Each project takes much more time than what I estimate.  But I can get a glimpse of what each room will look like in my mind and I know it’s worth it.  We’ll have the memories and satisfaction of doing it ourselves, together.  I like to think we’ll be 80 years old, rocking in our matching recliners and one of us will turn to the other and say, “Remember when we fixed up that farmhouse?”  These are the good ol’ days.

Progress on the kitchen has been slow but steady.  Remember the “before” picture of the stove wall?WP_20160120_09_42_55_Pro.jpg

We removed the old, ugly, awkwardly positioned cabinets off the wall in this corner.  That felt so good.  You can see where they were because there was this mossy green color behind all the cabinets…well except where they painted the wall white to look like the cabinets actually had a back on them.


Ryan needed to put an outlet in this area so we could mount our microwave above the stove.  He opened up the wall, drilled through a few studs, then fished a wire down to the outlet/light switch you can see on his right.  This also gives a peek at what’s inside the wall…fiberglass insulation!  I’m glad whoever redid all the sheetrock had the good sense to take the opportunity to install insulation throughout the house.  There could just as easily have been old newspaper or nothing between us and the cold, winter air.  We also installed about 1/4 of our new flooring on this side of the kitchen.  Wow, what a difference that made!  Next, we began installing our bases and wall cabinets.  (Don’t mind my stockpot of bone broth simmering on the stove.  This is a working kitchen, even in the midst of a remodel.)  WP_20160317_11_20_27_Pro

This is how the kitchen looked after a Sunday and two weekday evenings’ worth of work.    Everything takes a long time to get started, and when you’re working in the evenings after a long day, by the time you finally get all the materials collected and figure out the right way to approach a project, your eyes are heavy and it’s time for bed.  And then there are the hurdles in the way like walls that aren’t square when you are trying to hang cabinets.

We took the whole evening off from the kitchen Wednesday night and dropped the kids off at church, treated ourselves to coffee and when we got home, sat down to get semi-caught up on Survivor (the only TV show we watch these days!).

Last night Ryan installed the rest of the wall cabinets and put an outlet in the stove bridge cabinet.  The outlet isn’t connected yet, so I have an extension cord powering my microwave today.  But look at the progress!WP_20160318_08_57_22_Pro.jpgWe still need to install the pantry on the right and Ryan needs to move that outlet/light switch combo onto the side of the pantry so it’s not covered when we install it.  I’m hopeful we can get this accomplished tonight as well as get the cabinet hardware installed.  You can see in the above picture I’m trying out a few paint samples (ignore the green on the top left).  I was originally trying to find the perfect shade of warm neutral for the walls.  I’ve tried out 4 samples.  I even mixed two together and put that on the walls.  Nope.  Nothing was speaking to me.  Everything looked like shades of peach.  Then I decided to try the color I had selected as my accent color, Frosted Jade, on the walls.  It’s a light teal (it looks a little too blue in the picture.).  I love it!  It really gives the kitchen a crisp, fresh feel.  I don’t normally love a lot of color on the wall, but I think if we stick with a more neutral countertop and backsplash, the soft teal will be a fun pop of color.  Sticking with the farm theme, if I paired the teal with some browns, it would be similar to a basket of chicken eggs. 🙂


A few updates to the kitchen plan:

First,  the cabinet company sent (and billed) us two 30-inch pantries, when I only ordered one.  We thought about returning it, but it’s a hassle to return something big and heavy so I began to look around for a place to put it.  I found the perfect spot next to the washer and dryer.  WP_20160317_14_23_26_Pro

The only problem is the pantry is 24 inches deep, like a base cabinet, and that wall that it’s sitting on is not flush with the rest of the kitchen, so it sticks out too far into the room.  WP_20160317_14_23_51_Pro.jpg

If we were to cut the depth of the pantry down to about 12-13 inches, it would be the same as an upper (wall) cabinet and also just about flush with the washer and dryer.  I think this is the perfect solution!  I can use this extra pantry for laundry storage, but more importantly, for bathroom storage, as the bathroom is just on the other side of this pantry.  There is literally no storage in the tiny bathroom.  I bought a tall, thin linen cabinet that sits on the floor, but with this pantry I may not need the linen cabinet in there taking up room.

I decided on this hardware for my cabinets by Martha Stewart.  They have yet to be installed, so I’m holding them in place to give the full effect. 🙂 They feel pretty heavy-duty and I love the Bedford nickel finish.

I always thought a farmhouse sink would be way too expensive for our budget so I didn’t even allow myself to think about getting one.  We have so much to do on this house and I have to spend our renovation money wisely.  I did a little research and I was right that some farmhouse sinks are crazy expensive.  Consider this one for about $1,600.00.

copper sink
Copper Farmhouse Sink


Gorgeous, isn’t it?  And so not happening.  As much of a focal point as that sink would be, I can’t justify paying that much for a sink.  At the end of the day, it’s just a hole in the counter top.  As it turns out, they do make some farmhouse sinks for people with real-life budgets.  I ordered this 33 inch stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet combo by Vigo.  It was on “special buy” and they gave me an additional 10% off because I’ve called in so many times to fix issues with my cabinet order.

farmhouse sink
Vigo Farmhouse Sink Combo

We’ll have to modify our sink base to allow for the sink apron front and will also have to reinforce the base to support the added weight of this thing.  It’s worth the extra work because I’m going to love this sink.  My dishwasher washes most of my dishes for me, but whenever I need to hand-wash something large like my stockpot or griddle that doesn’t fit in my dishwasher, it’s very difficult to wash in my double bowl sink.  Washing large items in this farmhouse sink will be so much easier.  I think it will add a touch of character to the kitchen and match nicely with our stainless steel appliances.

I hope to have more progress to report soon!







4 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress – Part 1

    1. Thank you! We are loving to see this kitchen being transformed, little by little! It’s so satisfying to pull out something old and ugly (and sorta smelly) and put in the new and the shiny!


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