The Rabbits are Movin’ on Up…

…to a deluxe apartment, in the barn! (Sorry, you’ll have The Jeffersons theme song in your head for the rest of the day.)

The rabbits have been living in cramped quarters since we picked them up last fall from a local farmer.  This week, they moved from this small divided cage:V__771A

to each having their very own large hutch, complete with nest box:WP_20160302_08_36_36_Pro

I found a couple of plans online and merged them into one while adding my own ideas to the mix.  Here is a quick overview of how I built them:

I assembled two frames out of 2×2 lumber, about 4′ long by 20″ wide.  I covered one of them with 1/2″x 1″ wire mesh.

I then attached 1/2″ plywood 20″ high around the bottom frame, slid the top frame in and secured it to the plywood as well.WP_20160224_19_09_08_Pro

I attached 2×4 lumber to the outside of the box to act as legs.WP_20160224_19_44_40_Pro

I added a couple of 2x4s about 12″ from one end to secure the dividing wall.WP_20160224_20_02_07_Pro

I then added wire mesh to the front and a small piece of plywood to enclose the nest box.WP_20160226_18_29_45_Pro

I cut a door out of a piece of plywood and nailed it to scrap 2x2s attached to the sides.WP_20160226_18_30_03_Pro

I attached the top using a couple of hinges and it was ready to go!  I put some hay in the nest box for bedding and moved each rabbit to their very own hutch.WP_20160302_08_41_18_Pro

They love the extra room to move around and seem to enjoy the spacious nest box.  Just in time, too, as we are expecting baby bunnies in a few days.  The new moms should appreciate the upgrade.



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