I Got a Steer for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day while most couples were heading out to dinner or exchanging gifts, we were loading up our trailer to pick up a Dexter beef steer. And I was happy about it!  I guess we celebrate love a little differently now that we’re on the farm. 🙂


The kids named the steer Bucky.  Bucky is a purebred Dexter and will turn one year old in April. Dexters can be black like Bucky, red like Pearl, or dun which is a dusty brown color.  We’ll graze him with our “flerd” until close to the end of the year.  I think Pearl will be happy to have a fellow bovine in the flerd, although she has patiently worked her way into that flock of sheep!  They seem to have fully accepted her!  She’ll push her head against the ram’s head, reach out and lick a sheep’s ear and walk freely around in the flock without raising any concern among the sheep.  Animals are so adaptable!

“I sooo blend with this flock!”


I hope Bucky transitions well to our farm. He gets to spend a week at the Horse Stall Inn before joining the flerd.  He is loud! I hope he’s just a little stressed out or lonely right now and once he settles down and gets comfortable he won’t be so vocal.  He’ll bellow and Pearl will stick her head through the barn door and answer him.



“Keep it down, bro!  You’re scaring the sheep.”


He wouldn’t eat alfalfa from my hand this morning so I threw it over to him and left his stall. He began eating it when I left.  The second time I went in his stall he ended up stretching his neck out to sniff me.  Progress!  This evening Ryan got him to take some alfalfa from his hand.  They learn quickly to associate your presence with a treat!  Although we don’t need a strong relationship with him like we do with Pearl as our future family milk cow, we still want him to be friendly and approachable.


The next task we need to accomplish with our Dexters is halter breaking. We hope to begin this week!  Should be a learning experience for all! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed a happy Valentine’s Day! ❤



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4 thoughts on “I Got a Steer for Valentine’s Day

  1. Well Happy Valentine’s Day Becca! Haha that is hilarious! It is so interesting to read about how the animals get to know each other and their humans. What a classroom you have now, for yourselves and your ltitle arrows 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!

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