Farmhouse Kitchen Plans

I’m so excited to share my design plans for our farmhouse kitchen today!  Excuse the clutter and lack of organization in these photos.  I spent the first few weeks here just trying to find a spot for everything and I’m still not there yet. The “before” pictures are supposed to be messy, right? 🙂

Two weeks after moving in.  Yep, we’re all a little excited about the front loading washer and dryer around here. 🙂

When we first moved in I didn’t want to unpack my kitchen boxes, put anything in the cabinets or touch a surface in the kitchen whatsoever.

We knew when we decided to purchase this farm that everything in the kitchen would be leaving.  So, when I feel a little overwhelmed by the current state of the kitchen, planning my new kitchen lifts my spirits and gives me the encouragement to just keep cooking in the midst of this chaos, one day at a time! 🙂

The first thing we decided on were white cabinets. I gotta have white cabinets!  Although farm + kids + white surfaces = major mess, I’m going on the record right now saying I will not complain about wiping smudges off my new white cabinets, even if it’s daily.  (OK, it sooo won’t be daily!)  I will do the happy dance when I can finally give these mismatched, peeling, randomly-thrown-into-my-farmhouse cabinets the boot from my kitchen.  They will be burned rescued by Ryan for use in his workshop.

This is a sample kitchen featuring the new white cabinets I have selected.

Eurostyle Odessa

I have already ordered them and am (im)patiently waiting for their arrival!  Ryan keeps reminding me it doesn’t matter when they come because they can’t be installed until he jacks up and levels the kitchen floor.  I know!  But at least I can gaze at them, touch their shiny, clean new-ness and dream.  I’m hoping my new cabinets will hold up to the tornadic activity that occurs in my kitchen at least 3 times a day. 🙂

Keeping with the country farmhouse style, we chose wood flooring for our kitchen.

WP_20160211_19_30_55_Pro This is a wide plank, hand-scraped laminate wood floor in a natural finish.  We wanted something a little rustic-looking.  I think it will add warmth to this space and contrast nicely with the white cabinets.  It is sitting in my dining space just waiting to be installed!

I would like to swap out my 90’s ceiling fan with a DIY mason jar light fixture.

mason jar light

Ryan will be installing a sliding patio door along the back wall (where there is that partially-obscured window and dog kennel) which will lead out to a future deck and the backyard.  I’m excited about the extra light and view of the pasture this patio door will provide!

This shows the back (west) wall and north (oven) wall.

There is a trap door in the kitchen which leads under the floor (a place so far out of my comfort zone that I would only venture therein at gunpoint and I’m in awe of my husband who will be working in said space to jack up the kitchen floor.  He’s amazing and incredibly hard-working!).  Cabinets cannot sit on top of the trap door for access reasons, so that is why the sliding door is going to the right on that back wall, rather than centered.  The trap door will be in front of the sliding door, therefore easily hidden by a rug and, with any luck, nearly forgotten.  I seriously thought about moving the washer and dryer out of the kitchen and up to the second floor near the bedrooms.  In the end I decided moving them was too much hassle.  Plus, it’ll be more convenient to utilize the clothes line in the backyard when the weather finally warms up.

laundry cabinet
Something like this would rock.

Down the road we may build some type of cabinet to hide them.  It’s not a priority at the moment.  However, if Ryan was ever in need of a gift idea for our anniversary, my birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas… President’s Day… a load of materials from Home Depot along with a weekend dedicated to its construction would melt my heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂

North wall

Remember the north (oven) wall?  This is my plan:oven wall layoutNext to the door will be a pantry, then on either side of the oven will be matching bases with glass-door wall cabinets on top.  Ignore the lines that look as if they are dividing the backsplash area; my mistake.  This plan is showing a staggered look with the wall cabinets but I haven’t decided on that for sure.

Now to the west (back) wall.

south (laundry) wall and west (back) wall

West (back) wallThe new patio door will take up the space from the window over to the right, then you can see a small base and wall cabinet, then the fridge.  In the left corner is a lazy susan with a 12 inch and 24 inch wall cabinet above it.  The 24” wall cabinet is a diagonal corner piece, although in my mock-up it looks flat.  I’m sure there is a simple way to convey this on a grid, but in the few minutes I had to do these drawings I couldn’t think of it.  The dotted line on the lazy susan is my attempt to show that it’s an L-shaped corner cabinet.

This is the plan for the south (laundry/sink) wall. south kitchen wall layoutStarting from the right, again I showed the lazy susan base cabinet and the corner diagonal wall cabinet.  I thought adding another glass-door wall cabinet on this side of the kitchen would help tie it together with the oven side.  I love the farmhouse style of the glass doors!

I purchased four base cabinets to put together to create a center island. This is the top-view of my layout showing how the island will fit into the kitchen.  I read there should be at least 36 inches of walkway around the island.  I allotted 39 inches except for the south wall which has 42 inches of space since the washer and dryer sit out a bit.   center island layout The dotted lines show the 12 inch overhang on two sides for island seating.  This will provide a great place to serve the kids breakfast and lunch, as well as work on school lessons.  The distance between the sink and oven walls is a bit long, so I hope the island functions to bridge the two sides and provide a “meet in the middle” kitchen workspace.

The 4th (east) wall in my kitchen is the brick chimney wall.WP_20160120_10_15_37_Pro

I ordered 3 wall cabinets to be placed on or near the ground along this wall.  I can’t do regular base cabinets because they would stick too far out into this space which is more walkway than kitchen.  I plan to put countertop on these wall cabinets to provide desk space for the kids to work on computers.  I would like open shelving above the counter to hold books, school materials and art supplies in buckets or baskets.

chimney wall layout
I took a few extra minutes to have fun doodling with this one. 🙂

We finally received all four of our new appliances. I love the glass cooktop stove!  Removing the old appliances and getting new ones has already made a difference in this kitchen!

That’s about all I have planned for now! I’m excited to turn these plans into reality!  It will be fun to update with some actual progress!  What do you think about my kitchen layout?




10 thoughts on “Farmhouse Kitchen Plans

  1. I think you found a new calling…interior design! I’m sure you have plenty of time to go into business for yourself 🙂 Looks like it will be nice and give you plenty of room.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Impressive design! Good job! I love the white cabinets, which will contrast nicely with the wide floor planks. The Mason jar light will be a great finishing accent. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    And the picture of the kids mesmerized by the laundry–priceless!

    Liked by 1 person

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