Temporary Winter Fencing

I wanted to let the animals outside into the fenced barnyard area but there was a section of fence missing right outside the barn door.  The ground was frozen so I couldn’t put up traditional fence posts.  Metal tube corral panels were too expensive and the flexible cattle panels were too flimsy.  After going to Tractor Supply and looking at the cattle panels I came up with an idea.  I picked up some eight foot long cattle panels then headed over to Menards to pick up some lumber.  Here is my idea:

I made four self-standing posts using a 4×4 and a 2×4 cut into four equal pieces.  I nailed them to the bottom of the 4×4 to act as feet.  This way they stand up on their own without any support.

I spaced them eight feet apart and attached the cattle panels to them using fence staples.WP_20160206_14_14_43_Pro

I wasn’t sure how sturdy it would be so I bought extra 2x4s to nail across the top for added support.WP_20160206_14_14_51_Pro

I think it turned out well and is a good solution until spring arrives and I can build a permanent fence.WP_20160206_14_15_13_Pro



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