Interview with the Arrows

Elijah~10, Hannah~8, Abigail~6, Caleb~5, Micah~2

The kids are having so much fun on the farm.  Every morning Hannah is pushing me out the door to go see the sheep.  They bring the rabbits their water bottles and refill their alfalfa and spend hours in the barn cuddling the lambs.  Now we are beginning to work with Pearl and they are learning to be calm and quiet when offering her alfalfa pellets from their hands.  Elijah insists on going out after dinner every night for one last visit with the sheep. The kids’ new favorite trick is to sit on the ground near the lambs with their heads tucked down.  The lambs will climb onto their backs and then jump off while kicking their legs in the air.  We get such joy from watching the kids with the animals.  We want a flock that is very tame and accustomed to our presence so all this interaction with the sheep is accomplishing our goal!  We’ve noticed the sheep are much more relaxed now than ever.  I thought it would be fun to record their own words about their experiences.  I asked them questions and wrote down whatever they said!  (Some of the younger kids couldn’t think of an answer to every question.)  This is farm life from their perspective:


Mom: It’s been 1 month since moving to the farm.  How do you like living here?WP_20160205_10_35_34_Pro

Elijah: I like the space to run around, the sledding hill and all the animals and sheep we have.  I love the view out my bedroom window and I think it’ll look especially nice in Fall.  I like living here.

Hannah: I like the space to run around and I like the animals.

Abigail: We have so much fun outside checking on sheep and playing in the snow.WP_20160205_10_35_42_Pro

Caleb: I like living here a lot because it’s our home.

Micah: I like trucks.

Mom: How has your life changed since moving to the farm?

Elijah: I’ve been going outside more, checking on animals and picking up lambs.  I think I’ll be outside more in summer, too.  I’ll be running around the woods building tree houses.  I’m excited to hunt with Dad.

Hannah: I feel more free to run around.

Abigail: We don’t have a big neighborhood and we have animals and a barn.

Caleb: Now we have animals and I go out to see them.

Micah: Get shoes on and go outside. WP_20160205_10_05_07_Pro

Mom: What is something new you’ve learned on the farm?

Elijah: That animals are really fun to have.  You need to be quiet and gentle around animals.  You need to be careful where you walk in the woods so you don’t get scratched.  You also can’t touch fencing in case it’s electric.

Hannah: You shouldn’t be afraid of bugs.WP_20160205_10_07_01_Pro

Mom: What is something you would like to do or learn on the farm?

Elijah: To hunt, to build tree houses, to milk and collect eggs.  Chop wood and use sticks and logs in the woods to make tree houses and small play houses for the little kids.

Hannah: To collect eggs and care for the animals by myself, to learn how to milk the sheep and cow.

Abigail: How to be a real farm girl.

Caleb: I’m excited to start school and learn how to read.

Mom: What is your favorite animal on the farm? WP_20160205_10_02_06_Pro

Elijah: The lambs.

Hannah: The sheep.

Abigail: Cotton (Lyla’s ewe lamb)

Caleb: Cotton

Micah: Bunnies.  They hop and jump.

Mom: What has been your favorite part of the farm so far?WP_20160205_09_59_10_Pro

Elijah: Going out to check on the animals and holding the sheep.

Hannah: Getting the animals.

Abigail: Getting the cow.

Caleb: Seeing the animals with my family. WP_20160205_10_01_33_Pro

Mom: Finish the sentence: “Everyday I’m excited to…”

Elijah: Check on the animals and see what the next day has in store for me.

Hannah: See the animals.

Abigail: Look at the sheep and hold them.

Caleb: Play Legos with Micah.WP_20160205_09_59_43_Pro

Mom: How do you help on the farm?

Elijah: I bring the rabbits their water and feed Jack (our whippet).

Hannah: I helped get the sheep back into their pen when they got out.

Abigail: I help with the animals.

I hope they continue to learn, explore, and make great memories together here.  We’ve only just begun.  It will be interesting to see what each new season brings!




2 thoughts on “Interview with the Arrows

  1. Becca, looks and hears like it has been a good move! So happy for you all. Thanks for letting me read about your some of your adventures and see the fun pictures!! 🙂

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