DIY Pallet Hay Feeder

It is better for animals to eat hay from a hay feeder instead of the ground, not only to keep it clean but to reduce waste. Now that we have sheep and a cow, I either needed to buy hay feeders or make them myself.  I like the idea of making things myself, not only to save money, but also for the sense of pride and accomplishment to use something every day that I made with my own two hands.  So this post will show you how I made my own hay feeders out of wood pallets I got for free from work.WP_20160131_16_37_58_Pro

The first feeder I made was for the sheep and I used a standard pallet that I cut in half. I’ll show the completed sheep feeder at the end of this post.  The cow feeder is the one I am describing here and I didn’t have another standard sized pallet so I used a smaller yet heavier duty one, but the concept is the same.

First I used my hammer to pound the bottom boards (that normally lay on the ground) off the pallet – this is the side that will face the wall.WP_20160131_16_43_48_Pro

Next, I removed two boards from the front – this is where Pearl will pull the hay out. (It doesn’t show it in the pictures, but I later removed the center support board to allow the hay to slide in easier from the top.)WP_20160131_16_52_00_Pro

I cut and mounted two 2x4s on the wall the same distance apart as the pallet is wide. I used large drywall screws for this but nails would work just as well.WP_20160131_19_32_13_Pro

I also cut two supports out of the boards I removed from the pallet. I cut them to length based on the amount of angle I wanted in the finished feeder.WP_20160131_19_36_49_Pro

Pearl laid down behind me to watch me work!WP_20160131_19_37_11_Pro

I next mounted the feeder between the supports. I started the screws in the supports first so as I held the feeder in place with one hand, I could finish screwing it in with the other.  I also put a couple screws in through the bottom of the feeder to anchor it to the wall.WP_20160131_19_51_06_Pro

I held up a scrap piece of board for a side support and used a pen to mark where it met the feeder. I then cut and attached it for extra support and to help hold the hay in.WP_20160131_20_15_27_Pro

It looks like Pearl likes it!WP_20160131_20_19_23_Pro

Here is the hay feeder I made for the sheep. It is made the same way except I cut a full sized pallet in half first.  The spacing of the slats were different, so I removed more of them and tilted the ones on the end to make four equal-sized feeding areas.  They also pull hay from the sides.WP_20160131_20_25_40_Pro

They seem to be holding up well and doing their job as designed. On to the next task!



4 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Hay Feeder

  1. Sorry I’m gushing again but all you have accomplished is incredible!! The animals are so sweet. It would be really cool to see pics of the kiddos too! Not sure if you are doing that. They must be thrilled about your growing menagerie though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I would love to do a post about the kids and how much they are learning and growing on the farm. They are so ecstatic about the animals, and the lambs in particular. They are having a blast!


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