New Ewe!

Poppy finally had her lamb during the early morning hours on Saturday!  After our long day Friday driving to Grand Forks to get our cow, we came home to find Poppy looking like she was ready to deliver.   We were sure she would either deliver overnight or Saturday morning.  (Hey, look at us!  We’re getting the hang of this sheep thing!)

Hello Ivy!


Ryan and the kids went out to the barn to check on Poppy right away in the morning and Poppy was already licking her tiny newborn clean and dry.  We even thought twins were a possibility from Poppy because she was looking so round, although this is Poppy’s first lambing and a singleton is the norm.  One ewe lamb, Ivy, was born and we are pretty thankful for her, even though she looked like quite a little pipsqueak all curled up in the hay.

Ivy at 2 days old


It’s been 2 days and Ivy is doing great!  She’s such a calm lamb.  The other lambs will tolerate being held for a few minutes before scrambling to get down.  Ryan “babysat” Ivy for about 15 minutes while a tired, watchful Poppy munched on hay and he was surprised that Ivy just sat still and quiet in his arms that whole time!  Her body looks small for her tall, big legs and oversized ears!  🙂  I’m sure she will grow into them!

Poppy is well and so far seems to be our most protective new mom!  When Ryan walked in right after the birth to see if we had a ram or ewe lamb Poppy even gave him an “away with you!” nudge on his arm!  That’s great!  A protective ewe is a good ewe.

Poppy and Ivy


It’s interesting to see how the dynamics of the flock have changed since these two ewes have delivered their lambs.  They used to rely on Lyla and hide behind her.  Now that they each have a lamb to care for, they have gotten so independent and focused on their new role.  When Olive rejoined the flock after being separated with her lamb for two days, I was surprised and a bit alarmed when she and Lyla actually rammed heads a few times!  I’m still unsure why!  And if any lambs get too close to Olive’s lamb, Olive is right there chasing them away!  (Any mom with a new baby can relate to that, right?) And protective Poppy keeps her lamb in a corner of the stall.  This will change as time passes as we can already tell Lyla is much more relaxed with her lambs, who are now 3 weeks old.

Olive’s lamb, Fluffy


For a good laugh, we watch Lyla’s lambs try to sneak milk from the other ewes.

Lyla’s lambs

The ewes will only allow their own lambs to nurse, but that doesn’t mean those daring lambs don’t try!  I suppose having so many options right at eye level is just too tempting to resist!  One time Olive was distracted and she must have thought her own lamb was nursing when it was really Cotton, Lyla’s ewe lamb!  When she realized it wasn’t her own she immediately kicked her away!  Those lambs get kicked and pushed around by everybody!  I suppose they, too, need to learn the social dynamics of a flock of sheep!





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